DIY Herringbone Headboard

DIY herringbone headboard

Holy Moley People! This Herringbone Headboard is perhaps the coolest thing we’ve ever made! If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw some pictures that showed us trying to use pallets to make a headboard for my son. Well, that was a big, fat FAIL! We kept breaking the boards, and they had huge […]

Mid Century Modern End Table Makeover

Mid Century Modern Makeover

Yesterday, a couple of my girlfriends, my niece and I hit seven thrift stores. SEVEN. It was exhausting but a lot of fun to be with people who are as excited by thrift store treasures as I am.  While my one girlfriend found lots of things, I found only one. This one. Isn’t it fabulous? […]

A Few Before and Afters

boat shelf after

Happy St. Patricks Day! In my family, we have a few Patricks – my dad, my brother and my nephew are all named Patrick – and my son’s middle name is Patrick too! I’m waking up my little guy this morning with a bagel covered in green cream cheese! He’s either going to love it, […]

Quick Mirror Update

Krylon Silver Leafing Pen

When we re-did our master bathroom last year, I couldn’t find the right mirrors. First they were too big and too square… Then they were WAY too small… Then I found the perfect size and shape at, of all places, my friend Cricket’s house! Loved the size and the shape, but the only thing that […]

Checking Vintage Furniture for Lead Paint

3M Lead Check Swabs

As a person who frequently  buys and repaints vintage furniture, I am always worried about lead paint and whether it was used on the piece I’m about to sand and re-paint. Lead is not something I ever want to mess with, let alone get into my lungs. When we were at the Haven Conference, 3M […]

Pins I’ve Tried… again: Bamboo China Cabinet Makeover

Faux Bamboo China Cabinet in Sunrise Red

I know I just posted about the black bamboo cabinet I painted using the same method/paint, but I recently painted this cabinet and wanted to give you the details on my experience. Here’s the deal: I have wanted to try the paint and color  of Natty’s dresser out for a while now. In her post, […]

Pins I’ve Tried: Reviving Furniture with Oil and Vinegar

The wood grain on this cabinet is gorgeous

Have you ever found a gorgeous piece of furniture that needed some love, but NOT paint? I have a few pieces like that – those that deserve to be loved back to their original beauty. Unfortunately, I am not an expert on that kind of “re-do” so I was glad to come across this post […]

Reader Results – Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Reader chair before

The most popular post on my blog is this one, the one about my green/blue chair. This post, and the post where I answered all the questions about it, have been pinned over 300,000 times collectively. Crazy, right!? I occasionally have readers tell me their stories about their experiences with the fabric spray, but only […]

Pins I’ve Tried: Faux Bamboo Buffet & Our Living room

Thomasville Faux Bamboo Buffet table

I’ve developed a new addiction: faux bamboo furniture. But the problem with vintage faux bamboo is that it is usually pretty dated and dingy. I’ve painted a few pieces so far, and it’s always a struggle to get a smooth finish on it. A few months ago, I found this faux bamboo buffet table at […]

A Carriage Fit for a Princess

Stagecoach to Princess Carriage

My sister, MB, is having another baby girl in a few weeks. To say it simply, I’m pretty excited about it. She will be my parent’s 15th grandchild – crazy huh? My niece, Charlotte, is getting a whole new bedroom set because the new baby will be using her “baby” furnishings. And this is where […]