Master Bathroom Reveal – FINALLY!!

Antique Rocker - from Moldy to Moo-ey
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I have been waiting to post this for some time now, but we were waiting for the shower wall enclosure to be installed and that finally happened yesterday. So, without further ado, here is our new master bathroom!!

This is the space that was formerly my husband’s sink.

Sink area before

Edgar’s sink – before

He never used any of the cabinet space, and usually only had three things on the counter, so he really didn’t need all that space. So, we removed the vanity and replaced it with this cabinet.

Linen cabinet

Linen cabinet


Don’t you just love that cabinet? It’s actually two pieces – the top piece I found at Faith Farm, and the bottom one is from Ikea. My amazingly talented husband had to modify the Ikea piece to fit the space, and you can’t even tell it’s been taken apart and chopped up! I am continually amazed at all his hidden talents :)

This is our new shower – I still can’t believe how different the whole room feels now that the other shower is gone!

Wait, did you forget how U-G-L-Y it was?

It was like a dark, dank cave in there

Tiles were falling off the walls, it was so dirty and moldy smelling in there that I never felt clean after I showered. Now, it’s open and bright and CLEAN!

Double shower heads - marble shower shelf - basket weave tiles

Double shower heads – marble shower shelf – basket weave tilesBasket weave marble floor and marble shower shelf

Basket weave marble floor and marble shower shelf

Basket weave marble floor and marble shower shelf


On the other side of the bathroom was my old vanity. Pretty standard stuff, dated and tired.

Old bathroom vanity

The old bathroom vanity

We pulled out the old vanity and the small linen closet that was beside it and installed this vintage dresser in it’s place.

Vintage vanity - after

Vintage vanity – after

Let me tell you, it took me a good week of work to strip all the coats of paint off that bad boy (and then repaint it) ! I don’t think I will ever strip paint again – my hands were sore for days!

Here is the before and after of the new/old vanity.

The vanity was finished 9/24/1949 according to the signatures inside the piece.

We were really happy that it came with a marble top, therefore we didn’t have to get a piece custom cut for the vanity. We just had it polished and it looks good as new. We’ve since changed the mirrors a few times, and I think we are getting closer to exactly what we are looking for, but not just yet.

We added a door to the water closet…

Water closet now has privacy

I think the door on the water closet is my husband’s favorite part of the renovation! LOL! I am loving the black doors too!

And finally, we took out the huge jacuzzi tub, and replaced it with a 1922 original clawfoot tub that I found on Craigslist.

Before and After – Master tub – and the temporary chair

I have to admit that it was very labor intensive to rip it out, re-route the plumbing and get it all set for the new tub, but I think it was worth every extra penny we spent on it.

clawfoot bathtub and chair

clawfoot bathtub and the newly re-upholstered chair

The little things about this bathroom make me happy. Here are a few of my favorite features…

I love our new Price-Pfister faucets

I love, love, love the marble basket weave tile in the shower!

The basket weave floor tile is probably my favorite detail

The shelf we added in the shower is so convenient – and I like that there is so much space for all my bottles of lotions and potions.

Shower shelf

I love the Moen hand towel rings.

Moen Hand towel ring

Moen Hand towel ring

I adore the little claw feet on the bathtub!

I put a little rub and buff on the claw feet. I think I need a little more?

I put a little rub and buff on the claw feet. I think I need a little more?



Please excuse the graininess in some of the pictures – I don’t have a wide enough lens for my camera, and everything was getting chopped out of the pictures so I had to use my iPhone for a few of them. Hmmmm…I know what I am asking Santa Claus for this Christmas.

Renovating a bathroom is not an easy task. We were not aware of how much changing the bathroom would affect the rest of our lives. It’s highly annoying to be so misplaced in your own home. After the first few days of being excited about the project, it just becomes stressful. A few “for instances”: First, I was kind of chained to the house since the workers were in our house all day. So, there were no errands being run, no shopping, no visiting friends, etc. Second, there is no describing how dirty your house will be: completely covered in dust, crud all over the floors, tools left all over the patio and the yard and the entrance way and the bedroom, windows dirty, dogs ripping apart the patio (and peeing everywhere!) where they were quarantined while the guys were here everyday, etc.  Add to that, that I couldn’t communicate very easily with them, and I was one very frustrated and overwhelmed human being. And third, no matter how crappy you feel, you can’t lay in your own bed and sleep while there is work going on. I found that out the hard way. :)

What I was most surprised by is all the tiny details you have to figure out along the way. Things you never think about until you have to re-do your bathroom. Like… “What direction should the tile be laid? The detail tile in the center of the room should be how wide? Do you want the inside tiles for that a smaller size, or the same size as the rest of the tile? How far apart do you want the sinks? Where do you want the faucets placed? Are you sure about that? How high do you want the lights? Do you want to put a chandelier in over the tub, or in the center of the room? (still has to be done, by the way) Do you want the door to swing this way, or that? Right or left? In or out? How wide do you want the window sill? You want a shelf in the shower? Not a niche? Are you sure you don’t want a niche? I’ve never seen a shelf in a shower… Oh,wait, yes, I see, I like the shelf better. That was a good idea.” And the list goes on and on. And the number of times I had to drive to the flooring store to change what I had bought was way more than I care to admit. I changed my mind on the detail tiles, a few times. And sometimes, it was changed for me. Some decisions I needed help on – at one point I even picked Matt Muenster’s brain (from DIY’s Bath Crashers) on Facebook, which he actually answered!! Overall, I’m very happy with all the decisions we made.

We still have quite a bit of finish work to do, like painting the trim, finding a flush mount chandelier for the center of the bathroom, putting up the bathroom accessories and touching up the paint job. We also need art work, but I have the hardest time making decisions about that. I am currently working on re-upholstering a chair to take the place of the black one that is in there now, and I’ll post about it when I’m done. After 6 long weeks of renovation, we are loving how much more open and bright it is – and how clean it feels! Although we had to have other people do most of the work (we are highly under-qualified for most of the work they did), we are really proud of how it turned out.

I hope you love it as much as we do!



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Antique Rocker - from Moldy to Moo-ey
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  1. says

    Oh! My! Stars! Where to start! I want to take your bathroom and rip it out of your house and plop into the space that is my master bathroom! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black and green. I think my favorite is the clawfoot tub. No wait, the cabinet! No, no, no… the shower and its shelf! Wait… the marble floor! The sinks! The vanity! I CAN’T DECIDE! I LOVE IT ALL!

    Please come remodel mine?!?! Now you have me standing in the door of my master bath and getting ideas… THANK YOU! LOL

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Thanks :) I wish I could, but I would end up have to move in with you since it takes me so long to make decisions :)

  2. says

    S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.!!!! I’m with you. SO stressful of a project and now that it is over.. SO worth it! I love everything you did- thank you for sharing!

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Thanks, Scottie! I still love walking into our “new” bathroom and feeling slightly surprised that it’s ours :)

  3. Michele says

    It’s absolutely beautiful! I am so jealous. It’s so cool that Matt answered your question too! He’s awesome. You said you stripped the vanity and repainted. Do you have before pictures of that? I love the way it turned out.

  4. says

    Oh. My. Goodness! Your “new” bathroom is stunning! I love so much about it…every little detail is perfection. Was the new vanity once a dresser? Congraulations on surviving your remodle

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Thank you! Yes, it was a dresser. We only lost the top two drawers and the middle section to use it as a vanity, so we have a lot of storage space in it. I love that we were able to re-purpose such a beautifully handcrafted piece :)

  5. says

    This is a gorgeous room!!! I LOVE all of your choices! The vanity was well worth your trouble and the cabinet your husband worked is such a nice touch! The tub, of course is gorgeous!!!! And, I would lose time in that shower for sure! Thanks for sharing!!! Job well done!

  6. Picknitter says

    BEA-U-TI-FUL!! Love the accent tile in the center of the room and that you have black furniture. Very nice looking indeed. I bet that bathtub weighed a ton!!

  7. says

    Eliesa, your new bathroom looks Amazing!! You definitely made some great decisions, even if they didn’t come easy so easy for you 😉 I absolutely LOVE it, well done girl!!!!

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Thanks! That tub was a pain in the tush to replace – but I love it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting – makes my day :)

  8. says

    Gorgeous bathroom! Love the painted vanity and claw foot tub. Replacing the vanity with a cabinet was a great idea. Thanks for linking to the Open House party and I’ll be featuring your new bath at the party this week.

  9. says

    It looks amazing! We used those same faucets in our main bathroom redo last year. I love them! Don’t you just love the glass shower? We put one in our master bath and it is so amazing! You made such good choices. I think you’ll be happy with it for a very long time!

  10. says

    Ooooh girl that vanity is something else you know I had to Pintrest that. My highest honor. I am going to stash that for future reference. fantastic job! I drove right by Loxahatchee, yesterday on my way back from Tampa I should have stopped by. -Melissa


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