Pinterest Addict – Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Chair

I think I need an intervention...
Painted upholstery

I bought this chair at my favorite thrift store, Faith Farm, many months ago for $5.

Green Chair before Tulip Fabric Spray

Green Chair – before

It’s one of my favorite chairs. Super cute and and comfortable. Love all the tufting on the seat back, which is why I didn’t feel like I could re-upholster it myself. The green fabric is in good shape, but completely the wrong shade for my office.
Since I’ve been reading so much about painting upholstery, I came across Tulip Fabric Spray paint, in one of the blogs I read.

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Enter Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Forgive me for not saying which one, but I can’t remember. What I do remember is that the writer said that the piece they painted was not crunchy at all. After my attempt to use latex and acrylic paint came out a little more crunchy that I wanted, this sounded like a good alternative. So, when I stumbled on the spray at Michael’s, I bought one bottle. One bottle? What was I thinking?! This I how far that bottle got me.
Yeah, it doesn’t cover much. I ended up using a four more bottles to cover the chair, and I still have a few spots left that aren’t quite teal enough.

This is the chair now, which is not quite finished.

Tulip Fabric Spray in Teal

I am going to re-do the legs and arms – not loving the black.

The legs need to be re-painted because I botched them completely. (used spray paint, and then acrylic paint to touch them up and ended up with very splotchy legs.)

I have to go buy another bottle of paint to even out the color. And I think I might paint the legs a different color all together. I don’t love the black with the teal. Maybe a silver leaf finish?

BOTTOM LINE: Will I use this again? Yes. It is not crunchy at all, which was really important to me because I will be using this chair every day in my office. But it is expensive at $6.79 for a little bottle that doesn’t cover much.

Have you tried this product? Did you have good results?

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UPDATE: Due to the amazing response about this chair, I did a follow up post here. It contains answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning this chair. Thanks so much for stopping by – and I hope you come back soon!
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I think I need an intervention...
Painted upholstery
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  1. says

    Looks like a successful project! This turned out so much better than my attempt a few years ago using burgundy dye and a sponge brush…Yuck! The “yuck:” didn’t come from the look but the fading every time someone sat in one of our chairs. I know red is horrible for rubbing off on other fabrics, but how is this product? If this stuff works, the possibilities are endless and garage sales represent an even more exciting frontier!

    • says

      I am not sure yet. It’s still in the garage waiting for the legs and arms to be sanded and re-painted. The color looks great, and I have re-touched the parts that weren’t dark enough and I love how it looks. I’ll let you know how it wears as soon as I know. Thanks for being my newest follower :)

      • Angela says

        Did you have to sand the legs?. What type of spray paint did you use?. I have a VERY similar chair with the green fabric and all that I have been wanting to do SOMETHING to. I am so Happy that I found this idea! Thank you!!!

        • says

          I did do a very light sanding before just using Rustoleum’s gloss black spray paint. I love this chair and would have been really sad I mess it up if I tried to re-upholster it myself. I am really happy with how it turned out. Thanks for stopping by. Definitely come back and tell me how it turns out for you :)

    • says

      Uh oh! That makes me nervous! 😛 This was super easy to do. I forgot to mention it in the link, but I used a paint brush to blend in the paint. Otherwise it looked too “sprayed”, if you know what I mean. So have one ready! Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My friend forwarded me your post, as I’ve been toying with the idea of painting upholstered furniture as well (I pinned the same tutorial from Hyphen Interiors). I am definitely going to check this product out.

    Silver leaf would look great on the legs! Or maybe glossy white lacquer?

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by! Tell your friend thank you too :)
      I was thinking glossy white too… I just sanded them down again, so I guess it’s time for me to make a decision! I’ll post it once I get to it. Check back soon!

  3. BethO says

    Love! Love! Love! I have 2 chairs that are the “twins” of yours and when I saw this, I just about died and went to heaven. I love my chairs, but I hate the color. I am totally doing this and will let you know the results! You have saved my…..chairs’ lives :)

    • marty says

      Hello Beth,

      So I too love this idea…how did it work for you and does the paint come off on clothing when you sit on it? I’m just curious what would happen to someone’s say “white pants” if they sat on a painted blue or red chair…any info you can share on this?

      Thanks and regards,

      • A Pinterest Addict says

        Hi Marty! I haven’t had any of this paint rub off on to anyone’s pants or towels. It kind of sinks into the fabric, instead of sitting on top of it like a real paint. Hope that helps! Eliesa

  4. says

    LOVE this! Great idea and an equally great job! I would go with a glossy white for the legs. Or, if you are feeling 50’s and bold – got with a pale pale milkglass pink

  5. BethO says

    FYI…Jo-Ann’s Fabrics (not sure if they are nation-wide store or not) has the paint on sale right now for less than $5!!!!

    • says

      Great – thanks for letting me know. Yes, we have a Jo-Ann’s Fabrics down the street from us. I’ll have to go pick up a few bottles of black. I just painted my son’s chair, which has a orange-ish colored seat. I tried to dye it black using Rit today, but when I washed it (as per the directions) it turned a light shade of gray. So, I’m going to use the Tulip spray to darken it some more. Thanks for letting me know. I think I have a coupon for there too.

  6. says

    Looks awesome so far! I have an old french style chair with pink velvet on the seat – I don’t really want to have to recover it because it involves much more than just removing the seat and stapling on some fabric. This chair has double welting on it too… I’m definitely going to try this out. And I’m checking JoAnn’s since another reader said it’s on sale – Thanks for the great inspiration!!

    • Tres says

      I have a velvet chair with double welting, that really needs a color change….can you post and let me know how the velvet reacts to the Tulip spray….Thanks

        • A Pinterest Addict says

          Try giving it a good rub down with a cloth dampened with a mixture of water and fabric softener. That’s what I would try. Sorry that it’s crunchy! Velvet is funny that way.

    • says

      I don’t know if it would have covered over the pattern on the chair. I am picking up some black spray paint for my son’s chair today and will try it on the cushions from the other chairs. I’ll post it later today.

  7. says

    I love to re-cover furniture, but a chair like this (and like my couch) is far out of my skill set — this is such a great alternative. I just knew there had to be some way to do this, and I am so glad you took the leap, gave this a try and and shared it with us. Now I am wondering if there is a way to use regular fabric paint in a spray bottle and get the same result. Thanks again!

  8. says

    I’m also interested if the color will rub off on other fabrics. I’m thinking of doing something similar to my entire couch, but don’t want to stain everyone’s clothing in the process! Please post an update once you’ve tested it out!! GREAT POST!

  9. katy says

    This looks great, but I’m wondering what happens when damp clothes might touch it? Does it bleed? Thanks so much for the idea :)

  10. Emily Campbell says

    I used this on a jacket for my daughter for her dance production number. She needed a “Janet Jackson” look and had a denim military style jacket. No matter how hard I tried, the black rit dye wouldn’t take…I did it three times! However, I used two bottles of this and she did the production number twice with no rubbing off on her skin or anything. And I’m sure she sweated during the dancing! Hope it works as well on your chair.

      • Cristie says

        Love your chair! I see al these comments about RIT dye – my favorite place to by fabric dye is from Dharma Trading company. I use the ones in the white envelope. IDye is the brand I think. They come out beautifully – and vibrant!! Much better than RIT. The company ships really fast too. Would be perfect for things you could soak – not a chair of course!! Now I want to search the resales for a gorgeous chair to spray!!

        • says

          Yeah, Rit is kind of a bummer. Before you wash it, it looks pretty good. But as soon as it hits the washer, the color fades to nothing. In Jo-Ann’s I saw some white packets of color, but didn’t try it because I had never heard of it. I’ll go back and see if it’s IDye. Thanks for the tip. If it is, I’ll try the black on my son’s cushion today instead of this product again. I like to try different products out, it keeps things interesting! :)

  11. jill says

    I have a tip for you that will reduce the amount of paint required and improve your results – as with all spray paints, cover in thin layers! the first pass should not cover but should have a fine mist all-over dusting. the second layer, still shouldn’t cover but provide for a solid move to the new color. the third layer will be covered and still be a tad blotchy with some peek through of the original, the fourth layer should even out the color and a fifth layer may be required. the key is thin layers!

    • says

      Hi Jill! Thanks for the tip! Have you used this product before, too? I loved it because it was so easy to work with, not sticky or tacky. This chair required about four coats/touch ups. Since the spray comes out of the bottle much like you are spraying window cleaner (it’s not in an aerosol can), it didn’t give me the opportunity to do light coats. So, I brushed it in using an old paint brush. It worked the color into the nooks and crannies, and spread it evenly onto the chair. Immediately after you put it on, and before it sinks in all the way, it looks very vibrant. But give it a few minutes to dry and the color fades a bit. After about four coats, the color was pretty uniform.

      • Ariel says

        So glad that I found this on Pinterest!! (Also love your handle on here, being a fellow addict myself) Two things: After reading the thread between you and Jill, I’m wondering if you watered down a bottle or two of the paint for the first coat if that would help with the coverage?? It might not work with darker colors but for lighter ones- your thoughts? Was also wondering if you found out how this paint works on patterns? I have this great cream colored chair that I happened to find JUST as the previous owners were putting it out on the curb. The back is tufted and the fabric has this great sort of ’50’s geometric pattern to it that I was hoping to preserve. (I mostly just want to dye it to cover a few minor stains) Thanks so much for sharing your discovery!

    • Patti Holt says

      Just a tip that I know….If you find paint that you want to put in to an aerosol can, take it to a place that sells paint for cars and they can put it in to an aerosol. My husband has done this for small took ups on metal.

  12. Rondell says

    I found this on Pinterest and I’m so glad I did! I have a wing back chair that is a Hunter Green and I’d love to paint it, I found it at a yard sale for $60.00 so it is in good shape. I’ll be checking this out at Michal’s for sure! Following you on FB too!

    • says

      Hi Rondell! Thanks for the follow! I love Pinterest, even more now that this pin has brought so many new people to my blog! Let me know if it works on the darker colors. What color are you going to change it to? Definitely come back and show me your transformation!

  13. Rondell says

    Forgot to say that I added your blog to my bloglist, and that I’d go for white on the legs of the chair!
    Would it be okay if I did a “shout out” about your blog on mine?

    • says

      I would LOVE it if you did! What’s your blog’s address, so I can check you out too! I think I am going for white on the chair legs. Just don’t know if pure white, or a creamy white would be better. Maybe I’ll do one of each and see how it looks! :p

  14. says

    I have a chair that my husband hates because it used to be white and now it’s a dingy off-white. I need to find some of this paint and give it a try! I don’t have a Michael’s or JoAnns, but a Hobby Lobby will be opening up very soon here, so hopefully they’ll have it!

    • says

      I wish there was a Hobby Lobby around here. I read about so many things they have that Jo-Ann’s and Micheal’s don’t seem to carry. Good luck! A white chair will be really easy to color! Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for commenting :)

    • says

      I know this comment is from eons ago… but maybe it will help someone…. They carry 4 packs of the tulip spray fabric paint at my local Walmart. I bought some around Christmas and can’t remember how much I paid. They also had fabric markers….

      • says

        Hi Rachelle! Were they four packs of the same color? That would be great – especially at Walmart, they are usually cheaper. Thanks for the tip – I’m headed there today and will take a look.

  15. Megan says

    Hello! Found this on Pinterest and thought it might be a do-able project for my rather uncrafty, uncreative self. I have a hand-me-down papa san chair that has a pink cushion, whereas all the decor in my house is orange/browns/tans. It looks rather terrible and I have to keep a brown sheet tucked over/around it so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. It’s not what I would consider ‘upholstery’, it’s soft cottony material. Think this paint would work for it? We’re newlyweds on a budget and thought this might be a more cost-effective compromise as opposed to buying a whole new cushion. Can’t wait to hear how this worked out for you!

    Oh PS, what was your dry time?

    • says

      I would say it would work even better than the fabric that is on my chair. I would think the cotton would take the pigment better. The dry time between coats was about an hour or so, but I had it outside in the sun, and it’s been beautiful weather here (70’s and 80’s). So, depending on where you have it to dry, it could be different for you. The bottle says it is wearable/sit-able after four hours. Good luck! I would love to see it when it’s done.

  16. Rondell says

    Thanks so much, I’ll be doing the Shout Out in an up coming post, I’ll be sure and let you know. My blog is, leave me a comment so I know you visited!
    I planned to paint it a lighter color like linen, I’ll let you know when I do buy the paint.

  17. says

    There are aerosol can sprays that do this same thing. upholstery sprays and are about 8 bucks a big can. There is also a way to do it yourself for under 10 bucks u make the concoction yourself. Also you can use the 50% or 40% coupons for michaels to save you $.

    • says

      Tina – I can never get enough of those coupons! I’m going to have to make up ficticious names to get enough mailed to me :p And they expire before I can use them, mostly because I shop on a whim and the coupons are still at home – maybe I should put them in my car so I have them at all times? LOL!
      Have you used the aerosol sprays? How did they cover? Does it make the fabric stiff? PLEASE let me know, I need to dye another set of chairs.

    • says

      Hi Angela! I’m not 100% sure how it would work on velvet because I’ve only ever used it on this chair, and now on some cotton material. But it doesn’t feel scratchy, and the color is very good. Is there a place to spot test it? I would try that first, especially because it’s vintage. Let me know if you try it, and how it works on velvet. :)

  18. says

    I love it. I bought fabric medium that you mix your paint with. I am going to try that to see how it goes. I was going to try brushing it on but now I think I will try spraying first. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. I have purchased it at Michael’s before though. I haven’t tried this on furniture before. I used it to stamp on designs for curtains. I ironed it to set it. I am not quite sure how that would work with a piece of furniture though. I guess I could use my hairdryer or a heat gun to set the paint.

    • says

      Hi Joni! I used that on another set of chairs (it’s on the blog too, here) . I was thinking of doing the same thing next time I used it, especially for the hard to reach spots in the folds of the fabric. Let me know how it works out for you in a spray bottle. I have a few places in the skirt that need to be darkened, and if it works for you, I’ll try it. Thanks for the comment – I love them!

  19. says

    Who knew you could paint fabric like this? Thanks for this tutorial and the tips in the comment section are great. I will be looking at tufty yard sale chairs with different eyes now.

  20. says

    OMG, you shouldn’t have! How did you know I needed a teal chair for my bedroom? Emailing you my address, LOL!

    This chair is friggin AWESOME!!!

      • Esther says

        Hi! This is all still new to me and I love it!! My daughter and I were just talking about a situation the other day…they have a light taupe wall to wall carpet that also runs up their stairs. Their two adorable kitties have left spots on just about every step and they’ve tried everything to clean it and it’s not coming out. So I wondered, is there such a thing as a fabric spray paint that you could do a large area of carpeting with? I’m going to look into it but if you happen to know, I’d appreciate any info you may have. Thanks!!

  21. Tracy says

    Wow Eliesa, this is amazing!! I’m so proud of you for giving this a try and for inspiring so many with this post :) Congrats… hope the traffic keeps coming!!!

  22. says

    Trying not to get too excited, but I’ve been delaying a living room overhaul for more than a year because I cannot afford the desired $300 cover for my currently red IKEA Ektorp chair. Ugggh, I loathe that red chair.

    The question your solution raises to me is, how “safe” is it to be covering a chair in paint? Having switched over to organic foods and cleaning products, but not yet carpeting or linens…. is painting an often used chair turning it into a toxic, chemical mess? Does anyone know if I should be concerned? Would you allow your baby or your pet to sit in it?

    Walking… cautiously…..(optimistically)slowly… to… the…nearest……….Michael’s……..

    Sincerely, Seeing Red in San Fran =)

    • says

      What a really great question! On the back of the bottle, it says that it is non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D-4236. I have two kids, four dogs and two cats – the cats seem to lay claim to every single chair in the place, and I feel completely comfortable with them sitting on this. This is not an aerosol based spray, it’s sprays like windex or other cleaning products. And you can actually do it in the house, with very little smell.
      Best of luck with the red chair! Let me know how it turns out. With all the commenters talking about doing this, I’m hoping that I get some of them to follow up with me so I can post a follow-up to this! E

      • Sue K. says

        You said the bottle is a pump spray. Did you use some sort of gadget to keep your fingers from falling off with all that pumping. How many hours would you say it took just to cover the fabric?

        • says

          No, I wish I had something for that though! Although I didn’t use all the bottles at once. I had to let it dry between coats, so it really wasn’t so bad. I also had to make a few different trips to the stores to buy more. All together, the spraying portion of doing this chair probably took about two hours. On this chair only though. The other chairs I used it on were MUCH faster because the fabric was much more absorbent.

    • says

      Hi Dolly! Rit wouldn’t have worked on this chair because it doesn’t come in a spray or a paint-on product (that I know of). I have tried Rit for other projects and it doesn’t work well for me – the color is never bright and deep. I tried black Rit on a cotton pillow cushion cover (two days ago) and the color just washed out, leaving it a dirty, dingy gray.

      • Jennifer says

        Rit needs to be set in. It has been many years, but I do remember it needs a soak in salt water to keep from fading.

        • says

          I added salt to the hot water, and let it sit in the dye for the thirty minutes that the directions called for, stirring it constantly. The color just washed right out. I’ve used Rit before, and not one time has the color been good. The pillow cover that I dyed here is 100% cotton, so the results should have been awesome, not blah.

  23. Sara says

    I’m so glad I found your blog on Pinterest! I have two golden orange… ummm… very comfy chairs, but I’m not sure of the style. They’re COMPLETELY covered in fabric, and sort of hug you when you sink down and relax 😀 The upholstery is in fabulous shape for how old they are, but the fabric is stained all over… Our lovely 4 year old decided to color on them with an ink pen! lol Definitely going to get some fabric spray, and slowly turn them Chocolate Brown 😀

    Have a delicious day,
    Sara Dunning

  24. Sara Henderson says

    Your chair looks great! Several years ago I had some beige chair pads which I should have known better than to buy because they got so dirty so fast. I decided to try to paint them and used a textile medium additive to a blue color of paint that I already had. They ended up great and I am still using them. It didn’t make them crunchy either and probably took a lot less to use. Just an idea. Also, this makes everything easier to clean.

    • says

      Hi Sara! I loved how well the textile medium and the acrylic paint covered my chairs, but it made it pretty scratchy. Someone else had said they used just paint (not acrylic) and they were much softer. I think next time, I will just do multiple (more than the two I had given my chairs) coats using the latex paint.

  25. Susane B says

    Did you ever finish it with the new glossy white legs? Is there a picture? I’d be so afraid that the paint would rub off on peoples’ bums when they sat in it!

    • says

      If it gets a little warmer tomorrow, I am going to try to finish the chair. I have never silver leaf-ed before, whereas I’ve spray painted everything that can stand still, so maybe this would be a good time to try it! Do they sell it at Michael’s?

  26. Ashley says

    How did you protect/shield the arms legs of the chair while you spritzed? Or did you just not worry about it since you were going to paint them anyway? I have some formal dining room chairs that have awful 80’s light blue stripey damask seat cushions. But the wood is a fine color. I’m just wondering if I’d need to disassemble the chair, tape it off, or if the spray just wipes off the wood?

    • says

      I didn’t do anything to protect the legs, just wiped it off after I was done. And it wiped right off, as long as it wasn’t dry. In hindsight, I would tape them off, especially if they are light colored.

  27. Tina says

    My favorite chair in the entire house has been in the family for decades (70’s) and has been passed around to everyone. It is still in great shape and must have been expensive originally because it doesn’t show its age at all except that it is sea foam green. We finally put it in storage because it didn’t match anything and there is no way I’m paying a few hundred bucks to re-upholster it.
    I hope I dig it out of storage soon and attempt this.

    • says

      Good luck with it! I hope it works for you as well as it did for me. Before I started my chair, with it being so old, all I kept repeating to myself was that even if it didn’t work perfectly, it would be an improvement to what was on there now. (And, I could always re-upholster it later!) Please let me know how it works out for you!

  28. Lynda Allen says

    I was so excited to see this pin. I too, have 2 wingbacks that I bought at a thrift store for $35 and they are in great shape, just really ugly upholstery. I bought slipcovers, expensive, and they are so tacky. I am going to try this painting technique! Thank you soooo much for sharing!

  29. Lindsey says

    Michael’s also carries a kit you can make spray paint out of Martha Stewarts new paint line out of any color. And you can add the fabric medium to it. I wonder if that would work as well?

  30. Kelly says

    This looks like such a great, and easy idea, although I’m a little hesitant. The chair that I’m thinking of dying is an antique-it’s pink (it’s even made with horse mane hair and hog hair!) and doesn’t match anything I have. I treasure this chair and am nervous that I might ruin it. Do you think it would be OK?

    • says

      Hi Kelly! I painted this chair knowing that I didn’t spend a lot for it, and I could always re-upholster it if it didn’t work. I would hate to say yes it will work because I would feel HORRIBLE if it ruined your chair, or didn’t turn out the way you hoped. Can you test a small, unnoticeable spot?

  31. Laken says

    This is so cool!!! I didnt know there was such a thing! I saw 2 old chairs that caught my eye in Goodwill yesterday for $5 each. i should have got them. I just wasnt sure what to do with them and now I know! As soon as Im able to go back there, I will get them if they are still there. Thanks!!! You did a wonderful job!

  32. amberkatrina says

    Use your 40% michael’s coupons. If you have a smartphone, there’s apps for michaels and jo-anns and those have coupons that the checkers scan right off your phone at the register. And both stores match each other’s coupons! Thanks for posting this, the chair looks great!

  33. Tamara says

    Do you think this will work on my dining chairs, they are like a corduroy fabric and same for my couch and love seat, I so want to change them, but can afford to. My couch and love seat are black and needed some cheap ideas, 2012 is my year to decorate my house, had been ill for awhile and wanted some change and hobbies to have. Oh and feel sooo Blessed to have found this site, my coworkers say that Pininterst is CRACKINTEREST….LOL So is the chair okay to sit on and is it scratchy at all and did any color come off?

    • says

      Hi! I’m glad you found it too! The chairs are not scratchy at all. The only thing I’d worry about is what color you plan on covering it with? I don’t think the lighter colors will cover over black.

  34. Michael says

    Any thoughts on how the paint might work on velvet? I have a chair that is almost Identical but I can’t tell if your upholstery was velvet or something with less texture. Also the aqua blue and a coral would give you something really unique.

    • says

      Hi Michael! I recently purchased a velvet-ish couch at the thrift store that is desperately in need of recovering. I tried it on the part under the cushions, and it covered well, but because it’s not the cotton kind of velvet (more like polyester) it didn’t soak it up as well. It feels just the slightest bit crunchy. But, if you have the soft cotton velvet, it would work. Test a spot before you do the whole thing – I would hate it if you didn’t have the results you want. Let me know how it works out for you!

  35. says

    WOW, love the teal you picked! I am on the lookout for a chair like that, that I can spray paint a Victorian Lilac color and white legs. I think that white legs would look AMAZING on your chair with that stunning teal, really make it pop! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • says

      Faith Farm in Fort Lauderdale? I used to live there, now I am on the Space Coast. My daughter & son live down there so we visit often. I haven’t been to Faith Farm in years, I should check it out on my next visit. I like your chairs. I painted a couple of winged back (upholstered with a smooth fabric) about 8 yrs ago with latex paint and no fabric medium. They came out like vinyl and look like leather. We are still using them, and they held up. I will paint them again soon when I change the color scheme.
      I love Pinterest too!

      • says

        I haven’t been to that one yet, I usually go to the one in Boynton. I can’t imagine how they do it, but they consistently have great solid pieces that just need a little love. I would love to see pics of your chairs! I love how much better mine look (the ones that I used paint and fabric medium on), but I’m not loving the way they feel (a little too scratchy), but the throws take care of that. Painting them has made them usable in the space for now, and that’s all that really matters.

  36. says

    I am so glad I found your page! I have a chair that absolutely love but the fabric color just doesn’t do it anymore……I want to paint the fabric in a chartreuse color…the spray paint may be a little expensive because of the quantity needed but it will be more expensive to upholster and will never look the same….think of it as an investment. Thanks for the idea….

  37. says

    Would you recommend going darker than the chair’s original color? Or do you think a lighter color would work if I used more coats? Great insight by the way! I have this ugly old pink chair my mom passed down to me and I’ve been searching blogs for a cheap/easy way to recover it!

  38. says

    I’ve pinned your picture of this chair…I have two chairs that will be perfect candidates for this treatment!! So excited to try it. I know I’ll go through a lot of paint but it’ll be waaaay cheaper than having them reupholstered! Great post!

  39. TiffAnnie says

    FYI: you can use Minwax Polyshades without sanding. You do need to apply with a brush, but it’s less mess than sanding and the a few coats spray paint.

  40. Paula Toenjes says

    This is fantastic as I am a lover of all things easier! Ive been puttjng off reupholstering two chairs because of expense. You think this would work on velvet??

  41. Laura says

    This may have been said, didn’t have time to read all the lovely comments. Did you think about doing the arms and legs in white? Would give the gorgeous chair a very airy/refreshing look. The black looks good via camera, but I know that doesn’t always show everything. Thanks for posting on pinterest. Didn’t know about this spray. Very exciting. I work at an auto shop. Might work for a quick fix for interiors. Where did you find it?

  42. They Call Me J. says

    How well do you think this product would do to achieve the over-dyed look on a rug? Do you think the product would rub off with people walking on it?

  43. sipefan says

    I have 4 dining room chairs that are a cream color. I want to use the brown color or even something like egg plant which is my accent color. Do you know if the color stays once dried. I wouldn’t want to have people unable to sit because it rubs off? This was a great idea by the way! Thanks for sharing…

  44. Diane Dorman says

    Hi! Sorry if I am asking a repeat question, I read thru so many comments I was exhausted! anyways, 2 questions for you…
    Do you think that a “color” perhaps an olive green or some type of plum would cover the existing black fabric on my chair?
    Also, you mentioned using a paint brush, what kind did you use and do you think a foam brush would work?
    Okay, just thought of a 3rd ?… how long would it take a chair to dry before you would actually use it? Thanks for the great info and tips! Happy painting!!!

    • says

      Hi Diane – sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I don’t know whether it would cover over black, I haven’t tried that. Let me know if you do, so I know for the future. And I just used an old paint brush, but I think a foam brush would work too. I let it dry overnight before I used it.

  45. Karin McCormick says

    I have a wheelchair that has a sort of nylon seat and back. The actual fabric is in good shape but was left outside so it is very faded. Do you think this paint would work to restore the color. Or what do you suggest?

    • says

      I’m sorry, but I have never tried this on nylon. If I were going to paint something nylon, I would try acrylic or latex paint, mixed with fabric medium to keep it from being scratchy. Let me know how it turns out, however you decide to go :)

  46. says

    I was just getting ready to drop off an unwanted chair of mine to the Goodwill. It looks similar to yours. I think I’m going to paint the wood white, maybe even paint the chair white, and use a pink cording to the edges for my pink, and very girly, office. I’m thinking that painting both the wood and cloth the same color, this will make it a simpler process.

  47. Sandy says

    Amazing….going to HAVE to try this… others, my attempt at “painting” upholstery was a dud! Thanks for the tips & info!

  48. says

    OK so i think this might be a little late but I have been thinking of spray painting an old couch. It would be very expensive to do it with those little bottles running at $7 a bottle. I have been searching for a solution and I think I found one that would say some more money!!!! I came across another blog that was talking about using Fabric Spray Paint, except they made their own! Here is the link to the website tutorial!!! hope this helps everybody save just that much more money!!! :)

    It will also help with getting the exact color you have been looking for!!! I can’t wait to try it!

  49. Jen says

    My Grandma just gave me a really cool, old chair. The upholstery is in excellent condition, but the pattern does not match anything in my house. It’s a big floral pattern with a lot of black. How well do you think the Tulip paint you used would cover it? Do you think there are certain colors that would cover better than others? If I decide to give it a go, I’ll be sure to test it underneath the cushion, but I’m a little nervous to take the plunge. This method looks much easier than some of the others I’ve come across on Pinterst. Thanks:)

  50. says

    What a fabulous transformation! I have a chair that I painted the woodwork on (I used a Martha Stewart sample of “Sea Glass” that I decided not to use on my bedroom walls), but am still deciding if I like the combination of the colours together. The upholstery is a faded olive tone. Here is the link to the pic of it on my blog…… what is your opinion of the colours?
    if I end up painting the upholstery, I will definitely credit you as my inspiration on my blog!
    ~ christajean
    p.s. I’m glad you painted the arms and legs of your chair silver. I was going to suggest a vintage gold paint to really glam it up! White just seemed so “safe”. Way to be risky!

    • says

      Have you tried alchohol inks. More imporatant, DIY alchohol inks. Mix dye power with cheap drug store rubbing alchohol, in a spray bottle and spray away! I have made some great totes from old sheets and the colors don’t fade.

    • says

      I love the color you painted the wood, it’s gorgeous! BTW, I have Benjamin Moore sea glass in our family room, but your color seems more lively and fun. I am thinking of repainting it because it seems so drab. Back to your chair – I think it’s lovely the way it is, but what color are you imagining the fabric to be? I can see it in white, or even a darker blue/green.

  51. Andrea says

    So excited to try this… Been looking for something like this! Also for the cost doesn’t your local craft store have 40-50% coupons! Haha yes I’m Dutch!

  52. says

    Found you on Pinterest. Did you ever say if the color faded or came off on damp clothes? I would love to do this to a chair I have but would hate for the color to come off on people clothes.

  53. shannon says

    I love the idea! I was wondering if it would work on suede chairs, if it would effect the outcome and maybe become crunchy? if you have tried it on suede or velvet chairs let me know or anyone else who has used it, Thank you so much for your posts! Very inspiring!

    • says

      I’ve only tried it on a velvet couch (just a little) and because it’s not a cotton velvet, more like polyester, it dried a little crunchy at first, but eventually got softer with use. Let me know if you try it!

  54. says

    I just saw this stuff in a flyer from Michaels, and am really interested – there was another pin some time ago about using a spray paint on t’s and hoodies for a scrunchie type of look, let’s see… here! I wonder if the Tulip paint is too “thin” and might bleed too much? For $5, and a thrift store hoodie, guess I can afford to find out! Thanks for this tutorial, I just saw it on Pinterest this morning. And I grew up in South Florida, the “Faith Farm” reference caught my eye. My mom would get furniture that just needed reupholstering, and do a great job with it.

    • says

      Let me know how your hoodie turns out! The Tulip paint is thin, but it worked great on this chair with a little help from a paint brush. On the cotton things I’ve done, it just gets soaked right up, so the thinness actually is a benefit to it. Great product for small projects. Faith Farm is amazing for finding great quality furniture that just needs a little love.

  55. Jennie says

    Sorry if I’m asking a question you’ve answered there are so many comments! I saw someone else asked you if it faded when you sat on it and you replied you didn’t know yet you hadn’t finished it. I was wondering, since it’s now March, if you had the opportunity to sit in it. If so did it fade at all? Did it rub off on clothes?

  56. Wendy Bednar says

    I purchased two wing back chairs a few months ago since my father taught me how to upholster when I was a kid. Then I went and looked up the price of fabric! I about fell out…I had all good intentions of upgrading them and I was just thinking about going out tomorrow and buying the slip covers. Thankfully I saw this post and just jumped on the Darmah Trading site and purchased myself some paint! :) For 86.00 I think I can handle it over the $500 plus it was going to run me for the fabirc I really wanted! This is going to be AWESOME!!!!

    • says

      Yeah, I was shocked at the price of fabric too! I have tried a couple of different ways to cover bad upholstery without re-upholstering because I just couldn’t swing that cost for ALL the projects I’ve brought home. I tried fabric medium and acrylic paint on two slipper chairs, and that worked out pretty well too, but they ended up pretty scratchy. The Tulip paint isn’t scratchy at all. Please let me know how it turns out!

  57. Rebekah says

    For some odd reason I never thought of this before!

    A solution to the expense of the fabric spray…

    There is a textile medium sold almost anywhere you buy acrylic paint. Once mixed into the paint It allows the paint to soak into the fabric so it isnt stiff, or clumpy. I think you could just put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on that way?. I think I’ll have to try this! I’ll let you know how it comes out.

    • says

      Hi Rebekah! I used the textile medium to paint these chairs… but I didn’t use a spray bottle, so I don’t know if it would work. The paint is pretty thick, so it might be a little difficult to get it to spray evenly. But I did notice that the fabric medium smelled very similar to the Tulip Fabric Spray paint, so you might be on to something there! Let me know how it works out for you if you try it!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • says

      Hi Jo – I have answered this a few times, but I’ll answer again because I love this stuff and I want to make sure everyone knows it works fabulously!! So far, it’s been wearing great. No rub off, or fading, BUT, this particular chair has been very lightly used. My son’s chair, however, has been used almost daily, and it’s held up perfectly! I would recommend this any day of the week!

    • says

      Hi Shannon – I am sorry, but I have no idea. I haven’t tried it, and I am not sure I would. It has been holding up great inside, however I’m not sure how it would do with rain/sun/etc. If you try it, please report back and let us all know how it holds up. :)

  58. Chevelle says

    Will this paint work on fake leather chairs? I have some dinning room chairs that I would like to work on.

  59. hannah says

    Michaels has a coupon they put out every sunday that is good for the whole week. It’s good for 40% off one item but one per person per day. Print out as many as you want and hit up a couple different stores with a friend in one day (took me and the hubby about 1 hour), or just stop by on your way home from work/school/etc each day until its project time! It’s a good way to stock up and save money for future projects.

  60. Erin says

    thanks for your post! i have done a chair with the latex/acrylic method. i was happy with the results but it was such a multi-step/timely process that i am happy to streamline and i have my tulip spray paint all ready to go! did you spray the fabric with water to make it damp before starting with the spray paint? all the other methods stress doing that and i was wondering if you did it as well. thanks!

    • says

      No, I didn’t spray it with water first – it’s not necessary for this product. It’s pretty runny/thin, so the fabric sucks it up. Hope it works well for you – I’ve really had great success with it.

  61. Sue K. says

    Love the richness of the color you used. Forgive me if someone has already asked you this. There were sooo many (lucky you) comments, that I didn’t read all of them. How long did it take to dry and did you have any issues with mildew? I live in a very warm climate and am wondering if this would become an issue for me. Want to give this a try, but will have to find a chair first!

    • says

      Thank you – the color is even better in real life!! :) It took a couple of hours to dry each coat, but I had it outside in the Florida heat, so depending on where you are it could take longer/shorter to dry for you. I don’t have any problems with humidity – but I use this chair inside. I did another seat cushion with this, and it is outside and I’ve had no problems with that either. People sit in it almost daily, and we have not had any bleeding or rubbing off.

  62. Nancy Kuska says

    OMG I never knew about fabric spray. Can anyone else let me know how heir fabric spray worked out? I want to spray a couch.

      • Erin says

        I just did a sofa a couple of days ago and I am really happy with it. It wasn’t super light in color to start, so the color change wasn’t drastic, but the mini face lift makes it look brand new! It was a faded maroon (sort of mauveish) when I bought it, and I sprayed it with the grape color. Now it it somewhere between a berry and a plum. I found that it works better on dry fabric than wet (some other painting techniques work better wet) and it seemed to use less paint that way as well. One full coat over the whole thing used 7 little bottles. I kept buying them one by one with coupons at Michaels, until I stopped by A.C. Moore and they happened to have a handful on clearance for $1.50. Score! The only thing I haven’t decided is if it would be worth it to add a second coat to make the color richer. It certainly isn’t the grape color on the bottle, but again I assume that it is because of the original color. I will try to take to remember to take a couple of pictures of before and after to post tomorrow. Good luck!

        • says

          That’s awesome! What a great deal you got too! Thanks for letting me know you tried the paint – so many people have stopped by and commented but no one has let me know they tried it!! I would love it if you would send me those pics – and would you mind if I shared them??

      • Erin says

        I will send pics. Where do I send them to? The widest lens I have is 50 mm so the pics won’t be great unless I drag the couch outside… which I don’t want to do :o) You are welcome to share any pics I send. I am a big supporter of the product after seeing how much less work it was than the latex/acrylic route. I am going to try and get a queen anne chair tomorrow for $10 to try again with a different color spray. Did you spray more than one coat on your chair?

  63. tina says

    Does paint come off after sitting in chair? Silverleaf sounds beautiful especially if you wipe some off and black comes through.

  64. Peggy says

    Thanks so much for sharing. So the concensus is the tulip fabric paint is the best ? I am going to try 3 kitchen fabric bar stools that I love, but will wait till probably middle of May. I live in Cleveland and the weather has been cold & rainy and I want to do this project outside. Will let you know and send pictures if I can figure out how.

  65. ScottieV says

    I love your blog- I found it about a week ago and am completely inspired. I got the coolest chair on Craigslist (it’s so ugly, I almost hate to paint it) and am so ready to get started and then so very afraid. Mine has a pattern so I am going to try to paint the Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in White first so maybe it will cover the pattern better and use less fabric spray paint. I would do the whole thing, but like you I am in love with the Teal color and can’t find anything like it except in a paint that is far more expensive. I have lots of before pictures so we’ll see how the white helps or doesn’t… I have found several other actual spray paints for fabric in the last week just none of them in a teal color. I LOVE your chair- You did an amazing job!

  66. says

    I actually like the two-toned picture when you first ran out of color! Kind of funky! I don’t know how it looked in real-life, but I love the picture. It caught my eye on Pinterest!

  67. Haley says

    So cute!! I bought the same color for my chair and it’s coming along swimmingly!! Unfortunately they’re discontinuing this color, and it’s been an adventure trying to find enough to finish my chair!!

  68. says

    Hey there! Just wanted to let you know we featured you in our Favorite Find Fridays post over at Whimsically Homemade. We used one of your pictures. If that’s a problem let us know and we’ll remove it immediately. Thanks for your great inspiration!

  69. Mary says

    I don’t know if someone has suggested this already but if you’re willing to be a little patient you can use a 40% off coupon and buy it one bottle at a time (or take friends with you and have them help) then the $6.79 becomes $4.08 per bottle (if my math is right) I have just the chair I want to try this on! Can’t wait! Thanks for the great tip!

  70. Sabrina says

    Great Job, Looks awesome! I found your blog through Pinterest. I have a wool rug that was pretty pricey. I hate the colors in it now and I’m wondering, do you think that this paint will work on my wool rug? Thanks

    • says

      I am not sure how it would work on wool – I would probably try it on something similar before doing it on something that important. I find cheap, throw away test subjects at thrift stores or garage sales to experiment on. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

    • scottiev says

      There is also a fabric spray paint made specially for carpet- I have no idea how well it works though, last time I checked out the site a few months ago, they weren’t selling yet.

  71. Jackie F says

    Love the look, it’s in my favorite colour and love how it pops. Just wanted to send you some love from Australia… to bad we don’t have Michael’s, JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby here :( But will keep an eye out for this at the local craft store…

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Oh that stinks! If the stores in Australia don’t carry it, can you order some online?
      It’s so cool that something I did in my driveway has people around the world stopping by!! Yikes!! :)

  72. says

    I say this Pin and though, wow I can use this on two chairs I have the are pink. I didn’t read through all the comments – there were just so many. So my question is, did you just choose your color or or did you have to do the yellow + blue makes green. I would love to get these pink chairs usable in my living room and do something with the mauve one I have in my bedroom.

    Thank you so much for your idea,

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      No, I just chose the teal color and crossed my fingers that it would cover the green completely. And it did a pretty good job of it. I would suggest that you try a spot that no one will see first. Good luck!

  73. says

    There were too many comments (good job yay) for me to read through to see if anyone posed this question or not but I wonder if you could just put regular fabric paint in a spray bottle? I feel like your mostly paying for the spray bottle at 6$ ya know.

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Hmmm…that’s a great idea. Maybe watered down? I haven’t tried it, but it sounds like it would work. If you try it, let me know.

  74. Mollie Hoff says

    Wow, I read nearly all the comments. I am thinking how much this paint may help all of us on a budget. Find a good chair or chairs that don’t have to match because once you use the same color paint…ta da…you have two chairs that match!!! Also, think about those patio cushions that are just faded…like new again. Thanks so much for your blog. I love it!!!

  75. says

    I just started spraying my rocking chair in the nursery. I have a feeling it’s going to take a lot more than the 4 bottles I purchased. I’m trying to decide if it’s going to be worth it :/

  76. says

    having just become a recent convert to pinterest, I only just now discovered this tutorial. have you repainted the legs? I’m imagining it white bright white glossy legs, but I want real satisfaction! need more pins!
    another addict

  77. Betty swenton says

    We had an old hassock that was 70’s gold colored but we liked the size and it was in good shape. It is made of some sort of vinyl. My hubby spray painted it with a spray can of black rustoleum paint and it came out great. Not sure if I would suggest this on fabric but for vinyl it was fine. Didn’t rub off either.

  78. says

    I have a chair almost like this one that I love but not the color, so I keep it covered which I hate because every time someone sits in it and gets up I have to fix it. So I’m going to try this. What I would like to know is, the chair is blue. Not quite dark but almost. does it matter what color fabric paint I use? Thanks in advance.

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      I would use a darker color over a lighter color. And understand that the color won’t be true especially if the starting color is dark. For instance I wouldn’t use yellow to go over a brown, but yellow over white would be fine. Good luck!

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Hi Bri! It really depends on the type of fabric you are using it on. The cotton chairs I used it on feel exactly the same as before I painted them. The teal chair (which isn’t cotton) feels the tiniest bit more “stiff”, but not scratchy or uncomfortable. The paint sits more on the surface of that one because it wasn’t as absorbent as cotton. So, if you are covering a cotton chair, I wouldn’t expect it to feel any different than it does now. I still love how it looks, and that it feels a million times better than the black chairs I painted using regular paint and fabric medium. Good luck!

      • scottiev says

        Bri, there is also some great fabric paint called SImply Spray that works wonderfully on cotton fabric. It sinks in and when dry there is no change to the way the fabric feels. The only catch is that since it sinks in, any pattern in the fabric is still pretty visible. If it’s a plain fabric or one you don’t mind the pattern showing through (like the striped cushion Eliesa painted black), it’s something to consider.

        (I hope it was ok for me to jump in Eliesa)

        • A Pinterest Addict says

          Totally fine to jump in :) The only thing I want to mention is that I painted the stripes on that cushion. It was orange, and I tried to dye the whole cushion black with Rit and it didn’t take, so I used the Tulip spray to paint on black stripes. But you are right, the pattern of whatever is underneath the color will show through, like on the pillow from the white chairs with green and yellow flowers. But that has happened with everything I’ve tried painting with. I kind of like it though. I think it adds some dimension to it.

          • scottiev says

            I agree- I love it with the purple chair I did. The fabric was cream but had a cool pattern that really “popped” when I changed the color. I did find some fabric paint online that is supposed to be opaque and super soft. It’s pricey, but I am considering getting some to try it out.. might help my first chair fail. :)

  79. says

    My MIL is a quilter and reupholsters furniture when the mood strikes her. I sent her the link to this post, I am sure she is cursing me right now! Thanks for sharing. I have two chairs from my husbands grandmother that is giving me inspiration right now….

  80. says

    Love this idea although my husband just nixed my idea of painting our chairs (booooo). Sent the link to this post to my MIL whom I am sure is giving me stink eye as I type.

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      I haven’t tried it on micro fiber, sorry. If I ever do, I’ll be sure to come back and report. Thanks for commenting :)

    • says

      For microfiber I would think you might have the best luck with a product like Simply Spray. It’s fabric spray paint that absorbs into the fabric and doesn’t change the “hand” (feel) of the fabric at all. Just my two cents….

      • A Pinterest Addict says

        Thanks Scottie! I haven’t tried Simply Spray yet, so I can’t put my two cents in on this, but I’ve seen some great results with it. Let me know if you try it on microfiber!

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Hi Daniella! I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I wanted to check my local stores first. I found it in all three of the local places I know carry it (Walmart, Joann’s and Michael’s). I know they have it online too (Amazon). Hope that helps. E

  81. Leslie says

    Ok so I have to know how this chair has held up??? Does the paint run off??!! I jabe a white sofa I am dying to spray/dye another color. Please let me know.

  82. Sharon S says

    Well, $35 or so for fabric paint isn’t as bad as paying someone to reupholster it! And, it’s almost instant gratification except you have to wait for the paint to dry. I’m gonna try it too some day.

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      I don’t think I would use this to go lighter. What about latex paint with fabric medium instead? It’s scratchy but covers better.

  83. Paige says

    I’m wondering after sitting in the newly painted chair if there is any color transfer to your skin or clothes? Also, this may be a cooler way to tie-dye with kids.

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      There hasn’t been any transfer at all. (just make sure to let it dry all the way). It was made for using on clothes, so even washing it wouldn’t make it rub off.

  84. says

    Expensive, but cheaper than professional reupholstering! This looks awesome! I’ll reread this to see if I missed it, but what type of fabric is the upholstery that you painted?

  85. Viki says

    It looks great! And, I actually like the black legs and arms. Even at almost $7 a bottle it is a lot cheaper than having the chair reupholstered!! I have a chair I am going to try it on. Thank you so much for posting this!

  86. Kara says

    Very interesting….Now I will be looking for that large foot stool….And not worry about what color it is.Because I can paint it..Love it.Thanks

  87. says

    THANK YOU! finally someone mentions what it feels like with the paint. i’ve been reading stuff all day and everyone just says “use fabric paint”… well no DUH! Thank you for the picture, the note of “non cruchie, and the NAME of the product!

  88. Mel says

    Just a thought but couldn’t you make your own fabric paint by using acrylic and a textile medium? I used to paint t-shirts like that back in the day when hand painted shirts were cool (early 90’s LOL) and that is what I used on them and they washed well and wasn’t crunchy at all. I have an ugly green office chair that I may experiment on with this and let you know how it works. Your chair turned out great by the way.

  89. Kelli Joy says

    This is awesome!!! Gonna do my couch and loveseat with this!!!! Cover over the ugly floral print!! Thx so much!!!! :))

  90. ZuleeSmiles says

    Hi! I’m just seeing your post for the first time! New to Pintrest (I know right… Where have I been!?) I’m very interested in spray painting an extremely comfortable chair that could use a color makeover without the cost to reupholster. How has the color held up against wear and color transfer? I can remove the back and bottom seat cushion from my chair…. Did you do this? Just thinking about color sinking into cushion foam as well? Thank you! Hope you get to see this and plan on following!

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Hi!The color has held up very well – no rub off either. I didn’t remove the back or the bottom – just painted them in place. On the cotton cushion that I used it on, the paint did bleed into the top of the cushion, but it’s not bad. I don’t know what the cushion on the teal chair looks like as I haven’t removed the fabric. Thanks for commenting – and hope you stop by again :)

  91. says

    I love this! I have some really nice couches but I don’t like the pattern. They are plaid. How would the paint look on a patterned fabric?

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      I have to say I have no idea. The pattern will show through, and depending on the color of the plaid, you might not get the results you want. What about trying acrylic paint and fabric medium – it covers thicker than this product. It’s scratchier, but you can sand it down to make it softer. Sorry – wish I had a better answer for you.

  92. Erneline says

    I just want to know where i can buy this product. It’s just what i need to finish a project. And btw the concept, color is indeed amazing pls send me an email thx

  93. says

    Do they have similar paint for leather furniture? I really liked the look of the chair but we have leather furniture that could stand an overhaul.

  94. Pat Murphy says

    Hi Shannon, I have the same problem as you. I have outdoor cushions that were so pretty when they were new but, since I leave them outdoors all the time, they now are faded and funky looking. Also, they were a bright red in color. Did you do anything about your cushions in the past 14 months that would be helpful to me. Any answers would be appreciated.

  95. Donna says

    I will definitely try this I got a chair that has been waiting for me to reupholster but I think I will try painting it… Will let you know how it turns out… I would work on it on June 8.

  96. Deborah Ly says

    ok I really love this idea. Cause I have four kitchen chairs that I am thinking of doing but in a green color. and the bottle spray though 6.49 seems a bit better than actually re doing the chairs which could run up into the $$$$. I work for Michaels so I get a nice little discount. Since I am using a dark green, I bought two bottles to start with on one chair. I will let you know the out come and I will take before and after photos.

  97. Melanie Gross says

    Anyone used this on outdoor furniture? Or would it be better to use that real expensive spray upholstery paint?

  98. Ruth says

    The chair was beautiful, I would love to know something more of the live producto.Yo Argentina and we import closed political things that hurt us the lack of freedom it brings, but if you give me more information I get will try to see what you talking suplanto.Ya or acrylic proven to fabric? are less cubritivos and supposedly should not creak, as you you say, just for being made ​​to paint fabrics, clothes, towels, remeras.Te Congratulations, it’s a very good idea, Greetings!

  99. Susan Scholfield says

    Thanks for the info. I also have a second hand chair that I don’t feel I could reupholster adequately. I am going to try this before I rip the old fabric off.

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      Ha! Yes, it was rather cramped, but I had to stop a few times to go buy more, so it wasn’t too bad :) Thank!

  100. Chelsey says

    I love how this turned out for you. I’m contemplating trying this same product/color on some occasional chairs in my living room. They are upholstered in a dark brown, velvet-like fabric. Do you think that would work on them? I’m too scared to actually reupholster them! Thanks!

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      I would probably say this wouldn’t be the best product to cover over a dark color. I have seen a few fabulous results using chalk paint – I think it would give you better coverage over such a dark color – but, it is also not a smooth finish… Have you checked the painted chairs page over at ? She has a ton of readers results using different methods.

  101. Yelena says

    Great tutorial!! And beautiful chair! I just purchased a similar green colored side chair at a thrift shop. I want to make it yellow and thought about re-upholstering it.. but that might get expensive and not as easy as this! Though I’m wondering if I can paint it yellow.. does the fabric have to be lighter to begin with? Have you done a lighter color over a darker ffabric? The fabric on my chair is like velvt, if that matters.

  102. teri says

    So excited for this product and just curious what everyone else is…how long it will last. We all look forward to hearing from you to give us an update. Ps: the chair looks amazing

    • A Pinterest Addict says

      I have seen it at Walmart, JoAnn’s and Michael’s. They discontinued the color I used on this chair, unfortunately, so if you are looking for it, it will be next to impossible to find in stores.

  103. Dee Layman says

    I did the same type thing on a set of dining room chairs..the fabric was good but stained..I used blue craft paint but mixed it 3 parts paint 1 part water took two coats came out beautiful, is not stiff and once dry is permanent…Im sure it depends how well the fabric absorbs liquids..some polyesters wouldnt work but mine it did 8 chair seats
    for $10.00


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