Our New house

The new house day one

I love to re-invent things. Whether it be an ugly chair, or a desk that has seen better days. Which is why, when we were looking for a new house, I didn't shy away from the ones that weren't "pretty". My husband wanted a house with more than a quarter of an acre, and in this area of South Florida, it's not a common thing. We wanted to stay in the area because we didn't want to move the kids out of their schools, and it's close proximity to my husband's workplace. For more than a year, we looked … [Read more...]

Just another day in the life of a Pinterest Addict


Before Pinterest, my internet life consisted of email, news websites, google, PostSecret, Facebook and finding photography websites. I knew that blogs existed, but never really found any that were interesting to me long-term. Not that I put much energy into finding them, because what experience I did have with them was limited to friend's blogs, and with the exception of one (Goodbye Whoopie Pie) they always seemed to peter-out pretty quick. (this was me...) After Pinterest, I feel like I've … [Read more...]