Check Out Our New Guest Bathroom

Vanity - a Habitat Restore find

The construction part of the renovations have been done for a few months now, and although the major stuff is done, I'm not quite sure how long it will take me to "perfect" the bathroom, so here's where we are now... I wish I could find a before picture of this bathroom to show you - but you'll have to take my word for it that it was all builder grade stuff in there. We used to have a tub in there, but we took that out and made it a walk in shower instead. Other than that change, the layout … [Read more...]

Our New Kitchen Reveal

Kitchen Makeover - Pinterest Addict - Black Ramsjo Ikea Kitchen

I know this reveal has been a long time coming.  Be prepared for a picture heavy post. :) If you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know we've been in the process of some major house renovations. What began as "just" replacing the tile in the house quickly became a guest bath and kitchen makeover, too.  This post will cover the kitchen, and I'll post about the bathroom later. You can check out the new floors in this post. Just to refresh your memories, this was our … [Read more...]

Pins I’ve Tried – Lately

Halloween cake ideas

  Although I haven't posted much lately - okay, not at all - I have been doing quite a few projects inspired by some Pins from Pinterest. By the way, I've changed the way I post these "pins I've tried" to just include the link to the original pin I used for inspiration. I noticed that people have been pinning the pictures from the original posts, but they link back to my blog. I don't want to make other bloggers mad, ya know? So, anyway... a few of these are pretty old, but here … [Read more...]

Progress Made – the Wood-look Tile Floors

family room herringbone wood look tile

Now that the holidays are over, and the mad scramble has died down to a meandering pace, I finally have time to show you some progress. The last time I posted about it, things were looking pretty messy. The floor part of the project was supposed to take one week. Yeah, that wasn't even close to an accurate estimate. It ended up taking four weeks to finish the tile. We replaced almost 1500 square feet of tile with tile that looks like wood.  I bought it months ago at Home Depot, and I have … [Read more...]

Creating Temporary Holiday Art and Stenciled Wrapping Paper

How to create temporary holiday art

I know all around blogland, people are posting gorgeous pictures of their mantles and holiday decor, and I'm totally in awe of their creativity.... but with all the renovations going on here, we haven't had the chance to break out the Christmas decorations - or even put up the tree! After 4 weeks without a kitchen sink, I'm actually feeling a little Scrooge-ish. I'm ready to be done already, but it's still another week until we get our countertops put in so, sinkless we will stay. I know it's … [Read more...]

Bathroom and Floor Progress

OMG baby

Oh boy, what a week it has been! Tile throughout the house was demolished on Monday and Tuesday, as was the bathroom. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday brought 4 different tile guys to lay the tile. Yes, four. The "tile guy" we originally hired, who said he would be doing the work himself, didn't lay a single piece of tile. Not one. He subbed it out to three different guys - none of which did a great job. On Friday, none of  "his guys" showed up in the morning, so he called another guy. … [Read more...]

Wood Tile Floors and a New Bathroom – the Beginning

Pinterest Addict Dust Everywhere

I'm so excited to say that we have finally started work on the new floors! As I've said before, we chose to go with tile that looks like wood throughout the house. We bought the tile months ago, but then saved our pennies for the installation costs. And it's finally time! And we are going with a herringbone pattern, which I think I'm the most excited about :) Since we are doing the whole house, except for the bedrooms, we had to basically pack up the everything and move it out. Thank god … [Read more...]

DIY Herringbone Headboard

DIY herringbone headboard

Holy Moley People! This Herringbone Headboard is perhaps the coolest thing we've ever made! If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw some pictures that showed us trying to use pallets to make a headboard for my son. Well, that was a big, fat FAIL! We kept breaking the boards, and they had huge gouges in them from the nails. On top of that, I read that many pallets were treated with chemicals we wouldn't want to be sleeping next to. Since our pallets weren't marked  to say if they … [Read more...]