Mid Century Modern End Table Makeover

Mid Century Modern Makeover

Yesterday, a couple of my girlfriends, my niece and I hit seven thrift stores. SEVEN. It was exhausting but a lot of fun to be with people who are as excited by thrift store treasures as I am.  While my one girlfriend found lots of things, I found only one. This one. Isn't it fabulous? I had been looking for a bedside table for my son's room for a while now. And for $17, this would work perfectly. As you can see, the previous painted everything but the top of the table, including … [Read more...]

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What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

18 Eye Catching Front Door Designs

Front doors come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They can be stained wood or brilliant yellow. They are your home's first impression. Does yours say "welcome in" or "go away"?  I started to think about what my front door said about us when I went to a friend's house and felt her entrance way was speaking to me. "Come in. Stay awhile", it said.  And I did. Although I love my door makeover, it got me thinking about what kind of door I would have if I could pick any door at all. Oh. My. … [Read more...]

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Hey you! Yes you! Where are you coming from?

Hi! Welcome to Pinterest Addict! Just curious where all my new visitors are coming from. The last few days, there has been quite a spike in visitors, but no information on who is sending you all my way. Can you take a minute and comment below and let me know who sent you? I want to be able to say thanks :) Eliesa         … [Read more...]

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Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Front Door Paint by Modern Masters

This past weekend, I attended the Haven Conference. It was fabulous... yadda, yadda, yadda. I'll post about it later - maybe. It's a really great place to meet vendors, one of which was Modern Masters. I've met them before at SNAP!, and they were wonderful. They make some really cool special effects paint, like metallics and shimmer and some amazing copper effects, but what I was interested in was their line of Front Door Paints. I have been contemplating giving our doors an update for a while … [Read more...]

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Our Finished Pool and Backyard Update

Pinterest Addict - finished pool - Treasure Pools

Remember last year when we had our pool re-done? A comment on another post made me realize that I never did post about the finished project. Part of the reason for that is that we haven't finished doing anything with the deck. I guess I was waiting until we finished completely, but it will be a while until we have that completed. If you don't remember, this was the pool and deck we started with when we moved in. … [Read more...]

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kitten manicure

I know, I've been missing in action lately. I took a break. I needed it. I was having a mini-meltdown over trying to blog and accomplish things in real life, and keep my perspective about this whole blogging thing. I was feeling uninspired and worn out. Projects have come to a screeching halt. My house was beginning to look like a thrift store with all the stuff I was buying for future posts, but had no place for in the house. I was slowly losing my mojo and my love for blogging. As a blogger, … [Read more...]

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Dark Floors, White Walls

Dark wood floors, white walls

Do you follow me on Pinterest? If you do, then maybe you've seen my new board, Dark Floors, White Walls. Go check it out, I'll wait... Quite a stunning look isn't it?  … [Read more...]

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Our latest pet rescues

Django the stray no more

It seems there is always something going on around here regarding our animals. As you know, we have three dogs, three cats and two African Gray parrots. You can check them all out here. As you can imagine, we are never short on fur-covered furniture or slobber around here, no sir-ee. … [Read more...]

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Dinosaur Bookends

dino bookends

My daughter turned 20 last week. I can hardly believe that this little peanut is so old :( These days, you are more likely to see her like this…   It feels like just the other day when I posted about her 18th birthday, and here we are two years later! Time sure does fly. Of course, present buying is always a bigger task when the birthday girl says she doesn't know what she wants, but I've figured out that just scoping her Pinterest board for "products I love" will always … [Read more...]

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A Few Before and Afters

boat shelf after

Happy St. Patricks Day! In my family, we have a few Patricks - my dad, my brother and my nephew are all named Patrick - and my son's middle name is Patrick too! I'm waking up my little guy this morning with a bagel covered in green cream cheese! He's either going to love it, or think it's disgusting. LOL! In the last few months, I know I haven't posted much, but I have been busy. Here are a few of the little projects I've worked on. I have a pretty large collecting of silver platters. I've … [Read more...]

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Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Snowbound on the top cabinets, Gauntlet Gray on the lowers.

For as long as we've been here, I have disliked our kitchen. I didn't like the color of the cabinets, or the copper accents (drawer pulls, pot hanger, etc) I was especially not in love with how the black backsplash and the black counters  made it look like a black hole. As much as I'd love a complete kitchen makeover - new cabinets, new layout, new countertops, etc - it's crazy expensive. In an effort to update the kitchen without getting too expensive, over the last few … [Read more...]

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Quick Mirror Update

Krylon Silver Leafing Pen

When we re-did our master bathroom last year, I couldn't find the right mirrors. First they were too big and too square... Then they were WAY too small... Then I found the perfect size and shape at, of all places, my friend Cricket's house! Loved the size and the shape, but the only thing that didn't work was the inside rim of the frame had a gold tone to them. So, I picked up this Krylon Silver Leafing pen from Michaels (used a 40% off coupon, of course!) I know … [Read more...]

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